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Greenhouse Film

Greenhouse films are used to create various kinds of greenhouses. We are a manufacturer of multi-season (2-3 seasons) light-stabilized film for covering greenhouses.

Light stabilized film has a high resistance to chemical compounds: herbicides, pesticides, which are widely used in farms. The homogeneous and durable structure of the material also protects from adverse weather conditions: hail, snowfall, strong wind or showers. High quality according to European standards of light stabilizing greenhouse film guarantees a high level of yield.
A single-season, non-light-stabilized film for covering plants has been widely used in agriculture. The film protects the crop from unfavorable weather conditions and promotes early growth of plants.

If you need to increase the crop, and you want to purchase a unique film for your land, contact our Akwin manager, Sylvia
mob.: +380 (63) 131-61-48.