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Mulching film favorably influences the active growth of plants, maintaining water and heat balance and preventing the growth of weeds. We are producers of three kinds of mulching films: black, black-white and unique black-silver. Black mulch effectively resists to weeds and mold. It explains its wide use by farmers and agro companies.
The film creates a microclimate conducive to the maturation of the crop a couple of weeks earlier.

The unique black-silver mulching film, due to its increased light reflection effect, not only stabilizes the nutrition of plants, fights with weeds and other pests, maintains soil moisture, excludes burns or overheating of the upper parts of plants. It also contributes to early ripening and yield.

If you need to increase the crop, and you want to purchase a unique film for your land, contact our Akwin manager, Sylvia
mob.: +380 (63) 131-61-48.