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Stretch Hood

Stretch Hood is the European progressive technology. It guarantees high-quality packaging and protection of heavy loads from external influences. Special polymer materials of stretch-hood packaging give the film a high elasticity, reliability, securely fix the load with horizontal and vertical packaging.

Film elasticity allows you to pack goods and cargo of any size and shape. Strong load fixation prevents its falling or deformation during transportation, and the complete cargo winding protects against external influences (moisture, shock, etc.). Packing stretch hood can also emphasize the individuality of the produced products with the help of overprinting and optical properties of the film (transparency, gloss). One of the main stretch hood advantages is the tension of the package, which lasts for months.

It is achieved by high technological German equipment. Equipment prepares the film, then unwinds it in such a way that it gradually descends to the load until it is completely covered and sealed. As a result, the stretch-hood tightly covers and provides reliable protection for storage, transportation of loads and goods of any shape and size.

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